YIWU, China, Jan. 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Yiwugo.com, the official website of the Yiwu Commodity Market, is the largest commodity wholesale market in the world. On January 18, 2024, the award ceremony for the 2023 Yiwugo’s Top 10 Operator Competition was successfully held at the Expo Center Hotel in Yiwu. Guests of the event comprised executives of Yiwugo.com, representatives of outstanding vendors from diverse industries, and media friends from various backgrounds.

2023 Yiwugo’s Top 10 Operator and the CEO Jianjun Wang.
2023 Yiwugo’s Top 10 Operator and the CEO Jianjun Wang.

The winners of the 2023 Top 10 operator Competition are GEMEI Electrical Appliances, XUPING JEWELRY, Yiwu Kemei Electric Appliances Co., Ltd., Zhang Weichao Stockings Wholesale Factory, Yiwu Enhong Ribbon Co., Ltd., Yizhi Silk Stockings, Wenzhou Xiongxing Packaging Co., Ltd., Yiwu Aishang Household Daily Products Factory, Meige Carpets, and Yiwu Duocan Baking Cup. The event was attended by over a thousand individuals, including the owners of these award-winning enterprises, and outstanding operator from various sectors. Surrounded by captivating song and dance performances, each award recipient took the stage to receive their well-deserved recognition. Amid the vibrant atmosphere, Yiwugo and operator from the platform expressed their gratitude for the year 2023 and their optimistic expectations for 2024.

In the first year following the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone had high hopes for 2023, and it indeed met those expectations. On December 18, 2023, data from the State Post Bureau’s safety supervision system revealed that Yiwu had become the first county-level city in the country to handle an annual express volume exceeding 10 billion pieces. It took Yiwu approximately 10 years to accomplish this feat, progressing from the initial 100 million pieces in 2012 to reaching the 10 billion mark today.

In 2012, Yiwugo was established amid the rapid development of China’s domestic e-commerce industry. Over the past 12 years, Yiwugo has evolved into the world’s largest small commodity wholesale platform, boasting more than 12 million registered buyers.

With a solid foundation built over 12 years, Yiwugo has positioned itself as a shining example of industry excellence and customer satisfaction. Embracing the digital transformation and the upgrading of traditional markets, Yiwugo remains steadfast in its commitment to continuous improvement. In the pursuit of “effortless sourcing and trustworthy transactions,” the platform consistently strives to enhance its services day after day. Prioritizing cost-effectiveness, Yiwugo has empowered operator to transform and upgrade their operations, benefiting from increased platform traffic. Riding the wave of the internet boom, Yiwugo facilitates transactions and engages with high-quality buyers worldwide, cementing its role as a premier global hub for top-quality procurement.

From the list of this year’s top 10 operator, the home and daily necessities industry continues to outperform others. GEMEI Electrical Appliances and Kemei Electric Appliances, pioneers in the small household appliances sector, have emerged as frontrunners in terms of transaction volume and order numbers on Yiwugo. This year marks a significant change in the selection process, as there is a pivot towards considering overall transaction volume as the primary criterion, departing from the previous focus on the number of votes. This adjustment not only reaffirms the competition’s credibility but also highlights the strength of the winning vendors.

In the past year, Yiwugo’s big data has accurately predicted market trends and promptly responded to changing market dynamics. Moreover, it has proactively anticipated the purchasing intentions of domestic and international buyers in the jewelry industry, signaling new directions. XUPING JEWELRY, as a titan in the jewelry industry, has showcased its absolute strength in the annual competition.

Zhang Weichao Stockings Wholesale Factory, Aishang Household Daily Products, Meige Carpets, and Duocan Baking Cup have consistently secured a spot in the top ten rankings in recent years. Through their active participation in Yiwugo and brand selection events, these operator have not only reinforced their industry position and reputation but also accelerated their brand’s international expansion. This, in turn, has resulted in a substantial increase in brand influence and trust among consumers.

Yizhi Silk Stockings, the sole vendor included in the industrial zone, and Wenzhou Xiongxing Packaging, both emerging and innovative enterprises, have earned their positions in this year’s top 10 operator. They distinguish themselves in the industry with exceptional professional skills and design capabilities. Their success in this selection process highlights Yiwugo’s commitment to discovering promising enterprises and endorsing suppliers with significant strength.

In 2023, Yiwugo continued its collaboration with platform operator to construct a market that empowers economic and social development through digital transformation. This initiative has paved the way for new drivers and advantages in high-quality development. Moving forward, in alignment with Yiwu’s vision of “prosperity through commerce and city-building,” Yiwugo aims to attract top-tier suppliers from the industrial zone, unite with platform operator, and cater to global buyers. Furthermore, to bring the digital economy to a higher level from a strategic perspective, Yiwugo will play the role of an industry-leading platform, jointly build a demonstration zone for common prosperity, and foster a positive business environment.