BRISBANE, Australia, Nov. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On Wednesday this week, Australia’s AWS Consulting Partner of the Year (2021) unveiled its latest market offering – which it promises will disrupt the traditional ‘managed service provider’ template.

Itoc’s CloudTeam aims to combine not just managed and professional services into a single package, but also provide scalable access to cloud experts and seamless strategic guidance.

“We hear from organisations across Australia that what’s holding them back is their inability to complete key cloud projects,” highlights Richard Steven, Co-CEO of Itoc. 

The company says that existing service models focus on reactive monitoring, base operational support and fixed coverage. In Richard’s experience, that’s why most businesses feel short-changed with these providers.

“If technology isn’t your core business, if you lack internal skills, if you’re seeing gaps in security and compliance – you can’t solve any of these problems with the old framework of managed services.”

By expanding the market’s understanding of what a cloud partner can do, Itoc is confident that the proactive CloudTeam model can help businesses innovate faster – with roadmaps and support that actually enable projects to succeed.

“Australian companies are investing more than ever in the cloud,” Richard notes. “While it promises incredible opportunity, you’ll never realise all that potential with just a baseline of technical support.”

Itoc is a multi-award-winning AWS Advanced Services Partner. For over 10 years, it has worked with leading organisations, like Santos and MECCA – as well as Government organisations, such as the CSIRO and NDIA – to solve their biggest cloud challenges.

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