Comprehensive guidebook empowers HR professionals, business leaders and managers to better address employee health and wellness

HONG KONG, Oct. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Alea has published a free handbook on employee health benefits, the top employee benefit requested by staff in Hong Kong. The Ultimate HR Guide to Employee Health Benefits in Hong Kong uses accessible language, clear steps and expert tips to help HR professionals, business leaders and managers better understand their options. The guide is available as an interactive webpage and ebook in both English and Chinese, and includes free downloadable checklists and templates.

As talent acquisition and retention bring considerable challenges for businesses, and with Hong Kong’s private healthcare system the second most expensive in the world, medical insurance has become the most in-demand employee benefit. “This handbook is the first of its kind in Hong Kong: a comprehensive guide that will be invaluable for HR teams and decision-makers,” says Alea co-founder Julien Mathieu.

“Between cheaper, mass-market insurance options and lesser-known but higher-quality plans, choosing the right insurance plan can be daunting, and industry jargon is usually confusing. Plus, how do you know if you have the right plan or if you’re getting the best value, year-after-year? We saw a real information gap in the market, so we created this unique guide. We want to empower HR professionals with the knowledge and confidence to better take care of their employees’ wellbeing. After all, happy, healthy employees make successful organizations,” he adds.

With almost a decade of specialist experience advising startups, SMEs and MNCs, Alea has deep knowledge of the Hong Kong insurance and healthcare landscapes. The guide covers topics such as evaluating an organization’s insurance needs, selecting the right insurance provider, pitching executive management, signing an insurance contract, managing the plan, and handling renewal.

Additionally, readers will get free access to the following materials:

  • Summary of research on the value of employee health benefits
  • Tips for convincing decision-makers to invest in group health insurance
  • Case studies featuring companies of different sizes
  • Pointers on how to save on insurance premiums
  • Survey templates for gauging staff interest and satisfaction
  • Downloadable checklists for each step in the process

The release of the handbook will be followed by an exclusive webinar for HR professionals, to be held on 21 October, during which Alea experts will share their insights on how to select and manage a group medical plan and answer questions from attendees.

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