“Global AI Data Company initiates Positioning Efforts”

– AIMMO entered into a supply contract with Mitsubishi Electric in February of this year.
– The Global AI data company aims to leverage its flagship technologies, ‘4core’ and ‘AIMMO Studio’ to support enhancing data quality
– AIMMO to focus on expanding global sales channels and advancing technology in alignment with Mitsubishi’s extensive expertise

SEOUL, South Korea and SANTA CLARITA, Calif., March 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — AIMMO, the global AI data company represented by CEO Seung Taek Oh, has announced a pivotal partnership with Mitsubishi Electric in February of this year. This strategic alliance entails a long-term contract for dataset supply, reflecting AIMMO’s mission to providing cutting-edge solutions in the AI realm.

Through this collaboration, AIMMO plans to elevate data quality standards by utilizing its core technologies, including ‘4core’, announced earlier this year, and ‘AIMMO Studio for Annotation Tool’. Drawing from its expertise in supplying top-tier global enterprises, AIMMO aims to deliver high-quality data to support Mitsubishi Electric’s AI initiatives.

The flagship product, ‘4core,’ seamlessly integrates the entire data processing lifecycle, from data collection, curation, annotation, and evaluation, catering to industries such as autonomous driving and robotics, where precise, high-quality data is paramount. Additionally, ‘AIMMO Studio’ serves as a collaborative web-based tool designed to mange large volumes of AI data efficiently, offering substantial cost and time saving.

The partnership with Mitsubishi Electric underscores AIMMO’s prowess in AI data optimization, having earned recognition for its exceptional data technology. With over 100 clients, including industry giants like Bosch, Continental, and Magna International, AIMMO is poised to leverage this collaboration to expand its global footprint and enhance its technological offering across diverse sector.

Furthermore, as part of its global expansion strategy, AIMMO officially launched its US subsidiary in January, following the establishment of branches in Canada, the UK, Germany, and Vietnam. The unveiling of ‘4core’ during CES 2024 garnered significant interest from the US market, attracting leads from over 110 companies. Building on this momentum, AIMMO plans to gear up for a full-fledged entry into the US market.

AIMMO, led by Chief Business Officer Jeoung-Hyun Kim, AIMMO’s US subsidiary, AIMMO NA, is focusing on research and development initiatives, including the launch of a subscription-based platform accessible via cloud infrastructure. With a revenue target of $10 million, AIMMO NA aims to diversify its business portfolio, encompassing smart city solutions, smart factories, and smart healthcare.

An AIMMO spokesperson expressed their anticipation, stating, “We foresee synergistic effects in the field of AI through our collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric.” He added, “We are committed to harnessing our collective strengths as partners to deliver solutions that satisfy the needs of both our esteemed client companies and end consumer.”

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