Regular Savings Plan becomes a sought-after product on moomoo, with subscribers tripled

  • The promotion was put together following a recent in-app poll with moomoo users where 82% of respondents cited concerns about balancing their parents’ retirement plans while saving for the future.

SINGAPORE, June 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — This Father’s Day, Futu Singapore’s fast-growing, popular investment supper-app moomoo is showing its gratitude to fathers and grandfathers in Singapore by presenting the opportunity to moomoo users to gain cashback* when participating in the Regular Savings Plan, instilling disciplined investment approach to achieve personal financials’ goal.

Futu Singapore (moomoo) supports Regular Savings plans in SGD and USD for over 90 fund products,without any subscription and redemption fe
Futu Singapore (moomoo) supports Regular Savings plans in SGD and USD for over 90 fund products,without any subscription and redemption fe

The promotion is a move to support moomoo users in balancing their parents’ retirement plans while saving for the future following a recent in-app poll on the moomoo platform where 82% of respondents cited concerns about retirement. From the same poll, 20% of the respondents believe that mutual funds are the most practical tools to prepare for retirement.

The current promotion is part of Futu Singapore (moomoo)‘s continuing initiatives to support its clients in bridging the gap between concerns about retirement and the lack of structured financial planning. Futu Singapore (moomoo) understands the importance of instilling a disciplined investing approach to achieve future financial success. Hence, clients could customize their investment plan by regularly putting a fixed sum of the money into designated investment products. According to Futu Singapore (moomoo), clients who have kickstarted a Regular Savings Plan early this week surged three times compared to the same period of last week.

Futu Singapore (moomoo) has been committed to expanding our fund product offerings by teaming up with 28 fund houses to serve the emerging demand for a Regular Savings Plan and cater to diversified asset allocation needs. Today, we support Regular Savings plans in SGD and USD for over 90 fund products, ranging from equity funds, bond funds, balanced funds, and cash management funds to liquidity funds, etc. Clients can set up the most suitable Regular Savings Plan in their preferred currency hassle-free, without any subscription and redemption fee.

“At Futu Singapore, we believe that a regular and systematic savings plan is essential to kickstart one’s retirement journey, but it can be a struggle at the early stage where novice investors are overwhelmed with all the information available. The moomoo platform is offering an easy-to-understand automatic savings plan from as low as S$100 a month with cashback* to facilitate wider access to investments and cultivate interest in youth to help their parents to accumulate savings,” Mr. Gavin Chia, Managing Director, Futu Singapore, commented.

Until 30 June 2022, eligible users on the moomoo platform who set up an regular savings plan with a minimum deposit of S$100 per period will be able to redeem S$10 cashback* on each of their first four deposits and a S$ 50 cashback* on their fifth transaction, hence a minimum deposit of S$ 500 to guarantee up to S$ 90 cashback*. This is only applicable for the weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly Regular Savings Plans*.

Futu Singapore (moomoo) continues to support its users in their journey towards a healthy and happy retirement through a practical investments-led approach supported by community events such as the “Regular Savings Plans”. Keen to explore how to save up for your dad and grandfather? Click Save Up for Dad today!

*Terms and conditions apply

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