Some key features include:

    • A fully automated sorting system that can handle over 50,000 shipments a day — double that of its predecessor
    • Inline reweighing and dimensioning machines and 100% inline X-ray screening equipment to facilitate greater operational efficiency and accuracy in shipment handling
    • An expandable number electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, with the capacity to support over 30 EV chargers to meet future demands of EV fleet expansion
    • 100% battery-operated forklifts to reduce carbon emissions
    • A smart building management system and connected meters for remote monitoring and control of energy consumption
    • Eco-friendly LED lighting systems adjustable via smart controls to minimize electricity consumption.
    • Highly efficient air-conditioning system and energy efficient ceiling fans

Said the firm’s Senior Vice President and Managing Director (Hong Kong and Macau), Andy Chiang: “The recent launch of our expanded Central Asia Hub at the Hong Kong International Airport and the opening of this fully automated Hong Kong West Service Center strengthen our network and capabilities. (This) also reinforces our commitment to enhancing Hong Kong’s position as an international trade and logistics hub.”