The platform aims to connect over 30 countries to the region for developing and innovating 5G mobile ecosystems and beyond.

A new 5G industry platform has been established for the Asia Pacific region (APAC) for those seeking opportunities to deliver Industry 4.0 and digital transformation from 5G networks, edge-cloud services, enterprise IoT and AI.

Announced by the GSMA, the Asia Pacific (APAC) 5G Industry Community has been designed for stakeholders across the value chain including government and agencies, industry associations, mobile network providers, enterprises and industry players, solution providers, analysts, and consultants.

While North Asia and the Oceania region are global pioneers for 5G deployment, there is still significant progress to be made in the rest of the APAC. There is an impetus to provide more support for education to industries, ecosystem development, innovation, and appropriate advocacy. That is why the APAC 5G Industry Community has been launched: to help people who are passionate about 5G and its benefits connect with peers and exchange knowledge to build the next generation of mobile ecosystems.

Comprising 12 contributing members, the APAC 5G Industry Community also includes existing IoT and 5G community, which have over 500 members in more than 30 countries. The 12 members are DEPA, DHL, Globe, Huawei, Kominfo, Maxis, MDEC, Schneider Electric, Telkomsel and Viettel.

Three AP5GIC interest groups

The 5G industry community consists of Manufacturing, Logistics, Port and Transportation, and Healthcare interest groups that can help members

  • Share 5G experiences to foster a learning culture that helps industry partners and innovators innovate
  • Understand industry requirements, explore scenarios and applications of 5G
  • Promote commercial use, reference, and best practices
  • Network, build ecosystems and new partnerships

Membership includes news updates of the latest 5G industry developments and insights; access to Industry Interest Group activities; inclusion in 5G industry reports and case studies; opportunities to speak and showcase in GSMA 5G activities; and a bespoke networking service where businesses are matched with innovators, social impact enterprises, and mobile operators.

According to the GSMA’s Head of Asia Pacific, Julian Gorman: “During the COVID-19 pandemic, the mobile ecosystem acted as a lifeline for people, businesses, and society. The industry demonstrated its resilience, and we must now continue to push the boundaries of possibility. The purpose of the APAC 5G Industry Community is to unlock the power of 5G connectivity so that people, industries and society thrive.”