The semiconductor industry is a hotspot being weaponized in global geopolitical tensions. Here is how one global firm boosts its resilience…

Micron Technology, a global semiconductor technology firm producing memory and storage solutions, runs manufacturing facilities around the world to meet escalating demands for computing equipment.

Amid Sino-US political rivalry, supply chain challenges and escalated post-pandemic demand for digital equipment requiring its products, Micron has seen the need to build a cloud platform to optimize its infrastructure resources; efficiently operationalize new cloud-ready applications; dramatically reduce costs; and pivot quickly as new opportunities to adjust workloads between private and non-private cloud environments emerge.

In an era where businesses in the high tech industries being used as bargaining chips for geopolitical agendas and trade wars, firms such as Micron can no longer rest on their laurels — its management knew that firm needs a secure, resilient and scalable technology stack that supports modern application development, ultra data-intensive workloads and hybrid multi-cloud flexibility, in addition to strategic capabilities to react in an agile manner to new pandemics and other global crises.

Its Chief Information Officer, Anand Bahl, therefore wanted a cloud platform linking diverse manufacturing facilities with a unified cloud-centric platform that “allows us to modernize our manufacturing environment and move away from traditional compute and storage.”

The firm finally found a solution fitting their needs to reduce costs while also achieving enhanced agility: a cloud platform that provides a consistent cloud operating model with a single platform for running applications and data across hybrid multi-cloud endpoints. The firm now runs on a system that delivers resilience with self-healing nodes; persistent storage that is natively integrated to best support modern application deployments; and performance and capacity that can scale linearly. Additionally, their new cloud is helping to deliver cost efficiencies by eliminating unused compute and storage resources.

Said Rajiv Ramaswami, President and CEO, Nutanix, the provider of the cloud platform solution. “We are proud to have provided Micron with a solution that they expect will meaningfully reduce their cost, while also enabling enhanced agility in deploying new products and responding to changing market demands.”