Doing away with manual inventory management and turning existing mobile devices into RFID scanners made the modernization cost effective and worthwhile

Malaysia’s largest pharmacy chain has modernized operations to keep pace with growth and demand.

Instead of manual inventory management, Alpro Pharmacy has turned to radio frequency identification (RFID) scanning features on touch-screen mobile devices to assist frontline staff with tasks ranging from receiving goods at distribution centers to picking goods for its retail stores and e-commerce orders.

The advanced RFID solution is used by staff for verification purposes when loading inventories at its distribution center onto delivery trucks, and for the confirmation of goods received at the chain’s retail stores.

The connected system provides real-time visibility to the pharmacy’s teams, and this has greatly improved stock tracking accuracy — leading to much more efficient operational workflows. In fact, according to the firm, the modernization has helped to enhance its order fulfilment efficiency by approximately 80%, while increasing business capacity by an estimated five-fold. Furthermore, the digitalization has helped its existing workforce handle increased order volumes easily, resulting in an even more delightful experience for customers across both online and offline channels.

Said Wong Siew Piin, Director, Operations Management: “Our shift from manual methods to mobile devices has improved our order fulfilment efficiency and enhanced our business capacity dramatically.  It (has) seamlessly transformed our existing mobile computers into a cost-effective RFID solution that (empowers) us with even greater visibility and accuracy.”

According to Christanto Suryadarma, Southeast Asia (SEA) Sales Vice President, Zebra Technologies Asia Pacific, the technology vendor supplying the equipment: “Decision makers are planning to increase their focus on supply chain operations. Therefore, investment in the right technology will be crucial in achieving business agility and resilience. With more visibility and control over their operations, implementing technology-led solutions can help more retailers like Alpro Pharmacy effectively overcome today’s challenges and prepare for any future disruptions.”