Substantial speed improvements, immutable backups and faster disaster recovery are some of the upgrades set to roll out globally next year.

In a recent report, research firm Forrester predicted that, largely as a result of the pandemic, the global public cloud infrastructure will grow 35% in 2021.

At the same time, global ransomware reports have increased by 715% year on year, suggesting that bad actors are capitalizing on the pandemic and increase in remote work. 

To cope with these trends, enterprises running on a data management solution can migrate and power business intelligence with data management in the cloud to protect against increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks.

According to Mike Suter, Cloud Systems Architect, CBRE Group, a cloud data management (CDM) platform can allow for easy protection and fast recovery back to previous snapshots. The solution CBRE uses “has taken this a step further by reducing costs and also natively handling replication and recovery for complete data protection and disaster recovery.”  

The CDM platform that Suter was referring to also happens to be used by French personal care retailer Sephora. Its VP of IT Anil Gupta note that, to stay competitive—especially during these dynamic times—his organization uses a platform that grows with the firm, “providing essential data protection and increasingly-flexible and expandable data management as well.”  

The CDM platform the two firms are using—by cloud data management firm Rubrik—has just announced major platform upgrades to help customers navigate through the ‘new normal’ challenges. The Andes 5.3 release is aimed at delivering more enterprise scale and performance, enhanced turnkey cloud migration, and expanded intelligent risk mitigation.

Upgraded features

The CDM platform now offers improved performance benchmarks for large enterprise infrastructure and applications: 10x faster backups of SQL Server environments with hundreds of databases per host supporting up to 10,000 SQL databases on a single Rubrik 4-node cluster; Oracle backup speed doubled to nearly one gigabyte per second, and a new ‘Recovery Validation’ feature for Oracle to enable validation and recovery tests that ensure an Oracle database is recoverable.

Beyond immutable backups and faster recovery across hybrid environments, the solution offers products that work on top of its data protection platform to help customers to proactively mitigate data risk, even as threats accelerate. 

James Fleming, Director of ITS, Francis Crick Institute, said: “Sadly, during the pandemic, we’ve seen more attempts to plant ransomware, even as we contend with a huge increase in sensitive health information. In addition to essential protection against ransomware through immutable backups, (the Rubrik CDM) helps to find sensitive data that would be at risk of being exposed.”

A number of select customers and partners are currently using Andes 5.3 in beta, with general availability expected over the coming months through Rubrik’s global partner network.