Respondents indicated high hopes in using AI at work to break career ceilings and gaining a competitive advantage at work

The third urgent work trend uncovered in the data was that AI power-users were reoriented their workdays, saving 30 minutes per day. Also, 88% of APAC respondents (power users) indicated they bookend their day with AI, using AI to get started in the morning and to get ready for the following workday. Also:

    • To help people get started with AI, Microsoft will be making Copilot more “conversational”, by suggesting follow-up prompts or asking clarifying questions to provide the best response possible.
    • A new chat interface in Copilot will proactively offer timely recommendations based on recent activity, like “You missed Tuesday’s sales meeting. Here’s a quick summary” or flagging an important email for follow up.
    • The prompt box in Copilot will now have an auto complete experience, allowing users to get better results from their prompts. If the prompt has already been written, a new rewrite feature will turn basic prompts into rich ones, grounded in users’ work meetings, documents and emails.
    • Updates to Copilot Lab will allow employees to create, publish, and manage prompts that are expressly tailored to their team. In addition, AI-powered coaching offers personalized content and conversational learning. Also, new AI-powered personalized takeaways on LinkedIn Feed offer premium subscribers insights, ideas and actions to take. The tools are expected to make it easier to assess a user’s fit for a role in seconds based on experience and skills. They can also get advice on how to stand out, and suggestions for skill building.