Super apps, voice technology and digital banking to contribute to customer experience.

Wirecard’s Six Digital Megatrends Report uncovers insights on how Singaporean consumers intend to adopt technologies into their lives and how this will radically change the way they interact with businesses. 

The study surveyed 1007 Singaporeans and also offers recommendations on how businesses can cater to these changing needs.

Some key findings of the report include:

  • 88% of Singaporean consumers are keen to try new super app features
  • 60% are willing to pay more to receive a better customer experience; 78% would abandon a brand as soon as they have a bad experience
  • 62% of Singaporeans are open to making purchases using voice commands
  • 46% Singaporeans are using digital banking services and nearly 1 in 2 respondents expect the banking sector to offer a seamless experience that integrates physical and digital channels – currently the service level expectations vs experience in banking is one of the highest
  • More than half (52%) of Singaporeans are willing to trade data for a personalized experience, but expect incentives and discounts in return

Check it out here.