The implementation has unlocked efficiencies, cost savings, and improved productivity for the gamer-focused company.

In line with its ethos of innovation, Razer is redesigning its HR processes to drive greater operational excellence and strengthen its position as an employer of choice.

Razer, a leading lifestyle brand for gamers, currently has operations across 19 offices worldwide – including Singapore, Germany and USA – with a workforce of 1,500 people working collectively to build its gamer-focused ecosystem. 

With employees working across multiple locations, Razer needed HR solutions that could help break down silos, foster collaboration, and enable swifter decision-making while creating an engaging environment for employees.

“Digital transformation of our people and culture processes is key to ensuring that we continue to stay ahead of the curve and enable Razer to be an organization that is not only a great place to work but also a place to do great work,” said April Wan, Vice President, Global Head of HR, Razer. 

The company decided to implement Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) as its core HR platform. 

“Workday shares our passion for driving world-class employee experiences through relentless innovation, and in leveraging insights for efficient decision-making. This alignment of values has further solidified our confidence in Workday as the ideal partner for our digital transformation journey,” said Wan. 


Since implementing Workday HCM to support performance management, recruiting, and time tracking functions, Razer was able to effectively further catalyze its people and culture practices that support its growth and profitability ambitions. 

This includes instilling a unified company culture where there are established group-wide practices and alignment in performance management processes which have helped increase productivity.

Leveraging the agility of Workday’s platform, Razer has actively streamlined and automated multiple HR processes including onboarding, learning and development across the organization. 

As a result, Razer has unlocked synergies, generated cost savings across its business, and enhanced productivity. One example of this success: it has been able to reduce the time taken to implement organization changes from 4 weeks to 1 week, allowing for more time to be spent on strategic business initiatives.

“Razer shares the same commitment to advancing digital transformation and innovation as we do and that makes us a great fit as partners,” said Pannie Sia, general manager, ASEAN, Workday. “Working together, we have helped Razer optimize its HR processes for a thriving work environment that supports strategic decision-making for growth while adapting to evolving business needs.”

The company’s HR digital transformation journey has achieved external recognition, with Razer being named the recipient of multiple awards including ‘Great Place to Work in 2021 and 2022’ and The Straits Times’ Singapore Best Employer 2022’.