The platform aims to promote financial inclusion and unlock investment opportunities for all, through technology innovation.

The financial sector has undergone a groundbreaking metamorphosis thanks to the prevalent adaption of cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data. These powerful innovations have given rise to a remarkable transformation in the financial services landscape, resulting in unprecedented levels of accessibility and efficiency.

Retail investors are empowered to take charge of their financial futures with confidence with Moomoo Singapore’s ingenious use of big data and machine learning, which enables the company to offer an incredibly diverse universe of financial educational materials. 

With Moomoo Singapore, retail investors now have access to the same top-quality investment tools and insights once available to high net-worth individuals, time-honored brokerages, and investment firms, thus opening an entirely new world of opportunities. 

Moomoo Singapore has adopted AI and big data technologies widely across the platform, including in the construction of trading channels, business process optimization, provision of millisecond-level market data, data security, and the expansion of its product offerings. 

For instance, Moomoo Singapore’s unparalleled product capabilities enable users to keep a close watch on top-tier fund managers’ portfolio movements and gain insights from their investing strategies. The company’s industry-first institutional tracker draws data from quarterly position reports required of fund managers by the US Securities & Exchange Commission for institutions with assets under management (AUM) of more than $100 million. This function also allows investors to monitor securities held by large players, track their fund movements, and gain a better understanding of these institutions’ investing strategies. 

Among its newly launched functions is the Industrial Chain which gives users a comprehensive visual and understanding of the upstream, midstream, and downstream companies along the supply chain of their respective sectors. This function cooperates with the AI-driven auto-mapping tool which empowers users with the all-important first step to evaluating the supply network. As one of the game changers, Moomoo Singapore has opened the use of its Industrial Chain function to all users without charge. 

In addition to delivering an exceptional user experience, Moomoo Singapore is also committed to promoting financial education by helping people from all walks of life develop critical skills to make rational and informed decisions about their financial futures. 

Moomoo Singapore prioritizes its partnerships with higher education institutions to equip students with essential knowledge through seminars, workshops, and an inter-university Paper Trading Competition. Moomoo Singapore also organizes Lunch & Learn initiatives with fund houses, asset management companies, and other industry partners. The course content is then made accessible on the Moo Learn online resource page, which offers over 3,200 online courses aimed at empowering people to adopt a self-directed approach to investing.

With the integration of investor education and intelligent analytic tools, Moomoo Singapore has recorded its client’s AUM increasing by 45.4% year-over-year as of the end of the financial year 2022. The company also recorded that its user base exceeded 25% of the local adult population aged 20 to 70; in other words, one in every four Singapore adults is a Moomoo user.

“We will continue leveraging technology to deliver a unique investing experience, empowering investors to build their knowledge and refine their portfolios for a financially secure tomorrow, starting today,”

Managing Director, Gavin Chia