Optimization of the national carrier’s website aims to improve overall user experience across 17 countries in 11 languages using the Adobe Experience Cloud

As travel demand continues to increase in 2023, Malaysia Airlines decided to work with GrowthOps Asia to relaunch its website (www.malaysiaairlines.com).

Built on the Adobe Experience Cloud, an Enterprise Customer Experience platform, GrowthOps also helped the airline reimagine how customers engaged with the website across their travel-related needs.

The new website will progressively be rolled out to ultimately benefit customers from 17 countries and support 11 languages, starting with Malaysia, with a launch on 17 April 2023.

Malaysia Airlines’ aim was to improve the overall digital customer journey – from the moment travelers visit the website to search for and book their tickets to experiencing a hassle-free online check-in on the day of their flight.

This new customer experience will be powered by the Adobe Experience Cloud, which has been a staple marketing technology platform for Malaysia Airlines for the past 10 years.

Windows of hospitality

Main improvements in the new website include:

    • Personalized content with the most relevant topics and destinations based on users’ past activities, such as completed bookings, destination search history, and other website activities
    • Fully responsive and fast loading website optimized to launch on any device
    • Improved search functionality and user-friendly navigation interface so users can find exactly what they are looking for
    • Embedded Adobe Analytics capabilities to improve how Malaysia Airlines’ marketing team reviews customer experience data to optimize browsing experience based on customer preferences and track marketing campaign effectiveness

When redesigning the website, GrowthOps also revamped pages containing marketing-related and promotional content to apprise visitors with interesting and engaging information about their destinations.

The revamped website was inspired by the concept of “Windows of Hospitality”, which embeds inspirational images of destinations combined with iconic Malaysian batik in the designs, reflecting the promise of experiencing Malaysian hospitality through travel.

Throughout the project, Malaysia Airlines and GrowthOps’ joint goal has been to advocate for experience driving technology, instead of the other way around. This ensures that customer experience is at the heart of all that is implemented, and with this current partnership, the opportunity to get the experience right for Malaysia Airlines travelers powers the right solution implementation.

“We are delighted that this critical piece of our digital transformation journey is now live for our customers to enjoy. One that is focused solely on improving the customer experience for travelers who are looking to explore the region and the world with our signature Malaysian Hospitality,” said Clarence Lee, Group Chief Digital and Technology Officer, Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG).

“Through this initiative, GrowthOps has brought the right maturity in design, technology, and analytic capabilities to take our platform to the next level. We are expecting the same level of commitment during the course of our partnership.”

“It’s wonderful to be a part of such an exciting project and to help improve travelers’ experience when visiting the Malaysia Airlines’ website. As a proud Malaysian working on one of the country’s highest profile sites, this was a project that we had to deliver on-point without any corners cut,” said Tng Boon Keong, Regional Head of Consulting, GrowthOps Asia.

“A traveler’s journey begins the moment they start searching for a destination, and thus, we wanted to provide the users of the website with a delightful, smooth and seamless experience in arranging one of the most integral aspects of a trip—their flights.”