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GPUs power AI services in the 5G era

To meet growing demand for always-on connectivity, leading telcos are leveraging GPUs to build AI services at the edge.

People are now more connected than ever before through applications, and it’s changed what users expect from their devices. They want live traffic updates. They want to stream videos wherever they are. And they want access to sports scores in real time, with on-demand video of the latest play within seconds.

We’re hurtling toward a world where smart devices — phones, wearables, even home appliances — will all be connected and generating petabytes of data. And as their use increases, telecommunications companies (telcos) need to move from delivering simple connectivity to providing ubiquitously connected platforms that serve more content.

Telcos can meet this demand with 5G and edge computing, but these need a different kind of infrastructure and computing technology.

Leading telcos are leveraging NVIDIA GPUs and CUDA to build AI services at the edge, optimized to take advantage of faster speeds and reduced latency. As demands on the industry continue to grow, these applications will be able to take advantage of the GPU computing power, without having to change software functionalities.

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