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Answering society’s call: Double-11 Global Shopping Festival

A deep dive into the technologies behind the Alibaba Double-11 Global Shopping Festival.

Answering society’s call: Double-11 Global Shopping Festival

For the last 10 years, the 11-11 Global Shopping Festival has continued to set new records, generating billions of dollars of sales and exceeding spending by consumers during any other shopping holiday.

2019 was the biggest: the number of Double 11 orders placed on Tmall passed the RMB10 billion mark in just 96 seconds and sales hit a record RMB268.4 billion (US$38.4 billion) in 24 hours!

One notable change from previous years was that 100% of Alibaba’s core systems were running on the cloud for the event, enabling the company to handle a world record-breaking 544,000 orders per second during peak traffic.

That’s not all. The Alibaba Cloud platform automatically detected and blocked more than six billion attacks from 184 countries during the Double 11 event, keeping platforms secure and available for Shoppers.

Check out the technologies deployed to make all these possible!

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