Alibaba Cloud helps fight COVID-19

Putting the health and safety of customers first, and supporting continuity in business operations.

Alibaba Cloud helps fight COVID-19

When the COVID-19 appeared, its business impact was felt across multiple sectors, including the healthcare, education, retail, logistics, finance, entertainment, transportation and manufacturing industries, which have all been hit hard.

During this ongoing health crisis, Alibaba has been working closely with organizations of all sizes, offering them tailored cloud solutions to address the challenges and economic repercussions that they may face.

These cloud-based solutions include Alibaba Cloud technologies assisting in preventing, analyzing, and combating COVID-19, while also supporting in continued communications in the thick of the epidemic.

Download this whitepaper for highlights on Alibaba Cloud’s cloud technologies, programs and initiatives that are supporting individuals and companies, helping us all fight against the threat of COVID-19 together.

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