In countries where veterinary care is not available or accessible around the clock, digitalization could unleash pet owners from their troubles

Singapore may be a little country with a good standing in the World Index of Health Care Innovation, but as far as pet owners are concerned, more needs to be done to boost the availability of animal healthcare.

With the limited number of veterinarian clinics in the island state, the wait to see animal doctors by appointment can be long. Accident and Emergency services are few in number due to various economic and practical constraints in one of the world’s top five most expensive cities.

That is, until one clinical startup there leveraged technology in innovative ways to provide on-demand veterinary care and also empower pet owners and veterinary personnel to embrace digital.

Aptly named after the “polyclinics” in the country, Pawlyclinic’s vision is to boost proactive animal care and provide always-available access to a network of 20 registered veterinarians and eight registered clinics on its platform.

The startup even segregates pet owners and animal clinicians into their own portals respectively. Users in each group can then collaborate and share tips and resources on proactive animal care, or link up with through telemedicine services, schedule clinic appointments, enquire about digital prescriptions and medical records, and so on.

In emergency situations, users of both portals can be mobilized to provide extended in-clinic care in affiliated facilities and clinics at short notice. Pawlyclinic is now a pioneer in empowering a growing (but limited) network of local vets to maximize and optimize their capacity and touchpoints with pet owners to facilitate the best and most comprehensive medical  care for ‘pets in need’. Who knows, in time to come, this business model may fur-tunately entice more animal lovers to join the profession and help alleviate the mastiff pet care problems turtley (totally)!