eBook: Ransomware Deception Use Cases

eBook: Ransomware Deception Use Cases

Learn how Metallic ® ThreatWiseTM , from Commvault, can provide proactive and advanced data protection

As organisations are growing rapidly and in complexity, ransomware also becomes more sophisticated, as evidenced by over 700 million ransomware attempts in 2021, causing a dense tangle for IT teams when it comes to managing, maintaining, monitoring, and protecting data across platforms. 

APAC companies must have a data-minded ransomware deception approach and the right tools to follow the ransomware threat’s path to protect the most valuable data assets and discover attacks early to give IT security teams valuable insights for effective threat mitigation.

Organisations can use modern deception protection technology to protect and manage data, and achieve early detection and automatic threat and ransomware remediation in real-life, as demonstrated in use cases involving critical assets, vulnerable assets, ransomware, network dark corners, and other deception applications.

This eBook takes a closer look at the cyber deception principles of Metallic ThreatWise from Commvault to help understand its components, value, and best implementation practices in an evolving advanced deceptive network.


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