Infographics: How to Deceive Ransomware with Commvault

Infographics: How to Deceive Ransomware with Commvault

Learn how Commvault can provide proactive and advanced data protection

Ransomware and cybersecurity risks redefine how organisations must adapt their approach to protect their data and strengthen their infrastructure by being one step ahead and investing in proactive technology to boost cyber resilience. 

But many organisations are not totally prepared to respond and mitigate cyber-attacks, which must be addressed by blending advanced data protection and cybersecurity to stop being reactive and detect unknown zero-day threats and ransomware attacks before compromising data.

Commvault provides a comprehensive Intelligent Data Management solution based on unified zero-trust principles and powerful technologies, empowering end users to develop and implement zero-loss strategies.

This resource outlines how Commvault can deceive ransomware to protect companies from zero-day and ransomware threats.

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