Addressing the challenges in higher education and research

How to meet the needs of quality education, remote learning experience and cutting-edge research tools in academia.

Powering the remote workforce with GPU-accelerated VDI

Universities are facing an unprecedented challenge to ensure staff can work from home, provide the right experience in remote teaching and learning, and still offer high-value education to students and cutting-edge tools and services to faculty and researchers.

While remote learning is not a new phenomenon, providing quality service at scale is now a requirement, along with a new set of challenges that span user experience, mobility, and effective management of a distributed deployment.

This on-demand webinar will help you learn:

  • How vGPU technology solutions enable remote work and learning
  • How vGPU solutions are helping universities across education and research functions
  • How to get started with vGPU and NVIDIA Virtual Compute Server to accelerate VDI and computational workloads in your institution

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