Ebook: What Is Enterprise Cloud?

Discover the definition, benefits, key trends, and the deployment of enterprise cloud

Ebook: What Is Enterprise Cloud?

In the past ten years, IT infrastructure has evolved across different resource silos (storage, servers, software, and data centers), driven by business demands that set the stage for greater transformation.

When considering flash or hybrid storage solutions for data centers, remember that the farther away the application is located, the latency is greater with lower throughput, which must be resolved by choosing a solution that will enable data storage in the server chassis.

APAC enterprises can attain better overall storage performance by leveraging new best practices for virtualization, cloud technologies, and enterprise storage, which help prepare for the new IT era with the right cloud migration plan, gaining the amazing benefits of public clouds without compromising on-premise infrastructure control.

Learn everything about enterprise cloud, including its benefits, capabilities, and proper deployment by reading this eBook today.


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