Whitepaper:   Network as a Service Affordably Accelerates Digital Transformation

Key things to know about Network as a Service to accelerate enterprise digital transformation 

Most organisations began their digital transformation journey when the pandemic crisis struck in March 2020, investing in the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, and other advanced technologies to get more things done faster, become more agile, deliver better experiences, and enhance security. 

But organisations have changed priorities and focused on supporting remote staff, hybrid, dispersed teams, and in-office working arrangements, alongside business automation such as contactless payments, online services, ticketing, check-ins, and more.  

These unexpected changes generated new enterprise network demands, wherein it had to support more people, devices, applications, and connections, requiring greater network control and broader visibility. 

With the depletion of capital budgets, the best way to advance enterprise network infrastructure is to find an affordable way of supporting digital transformation initiatives through Network as a Service (NaaS).

This whitepaper explains NaaS benefits and how to evaluate NaaS offerings to help accelerate an organisation’s digital transformation.


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