Whitepaper: Low-code/no-code platforms for intelligent automation

Organizations leverage citizen developers and powerful low-code capabilities to deliver more agile and wide-scale automation
Whitepaper: Low-code/no-code business platforms for intelligent automation

Automation initiatives are outstripping IT’s ability to deliver through traditional coding approaches, prompting organizations to maximize their IT resources and leverage citizen developers, delivering more agile and faster widescale automation.

Citizen developers sit closest to operations and offer specific business insights and are critical in translating technical capabilities into results and outcomes.

Having a user-centric platform that is easy-to-use, have intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces, as well as strong integrations with current technology is key for citizen developers and IT teams in collaborating together to build powerful automations in less time without extensive technical knowledge.

This survey report explains the challenges of siloed-based automation approaches and how low-code intelligent automation can resolve these problems.


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