Whitepaper: How VoIP Phones Help Resolve Common Work-From-Home Challenges

Five ways to improve remote workers’ user experience and productivity levels using VoIP phones

How VoIP Phones Help Resolve Common Work-From-Home Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic caused significant struggles to IT departments, experimenting with different ways to support employees working from home, such as using built-in laptop webcams and soft-client-based phone apps for video and voice calls.

Because many APAC companies are planning to permanently shift to WFH setting or hybrid workplace, cloud communications service providers play an important role in supporting their clients’ WFH initiatives even after the pandemic, such as helping them understand WFH challenges and how to overcome them.

Acoustic fence technology (to address noise issues at home), a desk phone without battery limits (to resolve PC and mobile issues), and a dedicated VoIP device and cloud communications service (to resolve home network limitations, support and deployment, and business call management issues) are essential for successful hybrid workforce management and business operations.

This whitepaper provides a detailed description of the five different ways to resolve WFH challenges and boost remote employees’ performance and user experience using VoIP phones.


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