Whitepaper: Google Cloud Backup for dummies

The pros of Google Cloud Backup in a nutshell
Google Cloud Backup for dummies

Google Cloud Backup, while provides tons of advantages such as easy transfer of data, huge data silo, and infrastructure resiliency, it is still the best practice to utilize a reliable backup plan. With Google Cloud Backup, you can make use of best practices for data protection that could strengthen your backup strategy in the long run.

Since using Google Cloud Backup involves deploying data, it is your responsibility to ensure the accounts, apps, settings, and all aspects of data management. 

The risks of data are endless, may it be accidental or not. This includes failure to decrypt data, an employee clicking on a phishing email, and much more.

This paper described the benefits that come from using Google Cloud Backup and how adding up the ten backup best practices mentioned can enhance your cloud backup strategy.


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