Whitepaper: Finance Disrupted – Navigating the Next Normal

Challenges and solutions in finance and IT in navigating the ‘next normal’.

Finance disrupted

The unforeseen changes resulting from the ongoing pandemic has forced companies to discard the plans they had and to implement new strategies, all in hopes of emerging from this crisis in a position of strength.

Now, as the world transitions into a phased recovery, the focus for businesses is no longer on survival, but rather on how they can adapt and thrive in the next normal. Many businesses will need to employ the right strategies and investments to stand out in the new world order.

For many organizations around the world, this responsibility falls especially on the shoulders of finance and IT functions. From having to reforecast and plan for multiple scenarios, to investing in new technologies to ensure business continuity, finance and IT teams have been tasked to do the extraordinary and support their companies through the storm.

To better understand the challenges and priorities that finance and IT professionals are faced with on the path to recovery, Workday commissioned a survey of industry professionals and leaders across Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.

The study aims to examine not only the impact of the global pandemic on businesses and specific industries, but also the future trends and opportunities they see as we continue to navigate the uncertainties that the changing world brings.


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