Whitepaper: Cost-effective PC refresh strategy

Rethink the traditional PC refresh strategy – repurpose your refresh budget to deliver virtual apps and desktops.

Whitepaper:Cost-effective PC refresh strategy

With challenging business priorities, corporate budget restructuring is forcing CIOs to weigh the value of business-critical projects against the cost of operational activities such as the annual PC refresh process.

The traditional approach of replacing an aging PC with a new physical device every three years is expensive and time-consuming. Repurposing an existing PC as a hardened thin client or simply replacing it with a new, low-cost thin-client device are proven approaches for reducing expenses and streamlining desktop management.

When the cost and operational benefits of thin-client computing are paired with innovative virtual apps and virtual desktop technology, organizations can deliver desktop solutions that modernize the workforce and enhance user productivity.

Download this paper to check out the trends in virtualization, as well as strategies and tips for cost-effective user technology refresh.


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