Whitepaper: Choosing Between Wi-Fi or 5G

Learn how 5G and Wi-Fi can coexist to prepare for growing IoT

In 1997, Wi-Fi was first released that continuously evolved ever since, and the official Wi-Fi technology’s sixth generation is called Wi-Fi 6, resulting in remarkable Wi-Fi growth from 4 billion Wi-Fi devices in 2015 to 7 billion in 2019.

The IoT mega trend results in connected device explosion, which adds greater strain on enterprise Wi-Fi network., prompting the need for the higher bandwidth of Wi-Fi 6, providing simultaneous device connectivity per access point.

Most enterprises have shifted from hotspot Wi-Fi to mobile Wi-Fi for seamless resources access and internet connectivity, reflecting the need for more network capacity and faster speeds through bring your own device or BYOD access and bandwidth support for intensive applications.

This whitepaper explains how to attain mobile enterprises through the coexistence of Wi-Fi and 5G.


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