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Back to the office

Navigating uncertain times to ensure safe workspaces after COVID-19.

Back to the office

COVID-19 uprooted much of the world as we knew it, and fundamentally and permanently changed how and where we work. Without much time to prepare, offices were thrust into unprecedented closures.

For companies with the technology and a strong remote work culture already in place, the transition was less disruptive. But for those without it, the pivot has required a massive adjustment.

As we start to reemerge and begin to tentatively step into a post-pandemic future, organizations are realizing that going back to the office will be anything but normal. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that:

  • We’ll have to work together to establish new norms
  • Employee safety must be central to decision-making
  • Strong leadership is needed now more than ever
  • Companies need a flexible, hybrid approach to reopening
  • Technology will play an even greater role in the future of work

Check out the details on how your organization can do all these effectively, with Citrix as a case study.

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