AI eGuide: Find unhappy users before they complain

Real-world guidance from a leading practitioner. 
AI eGuide: Find unhappy users before they complain

Whether your organization is a fast mover or fast follower, the ability to increase your velocity gives you the advantage in shaping business outcomes.

When the correct data and models are used, patterns can be discerned, and insight can be unlocked. With this insight comes the confidence to make decisions, communicate them clearly, to move faster.

To gain leverage, one must find these data-backed fulcrums on which to pivot. But with ever-rising IT operational burdens, it often feels like systems and data are slowing you down rather than speeding you up.

Unfortunately, with increasing complexity and the sheer volume of data generated, teams are swamped rather than empowered.

Donal O Duibhir consults at Defensible, builds engineering testing tools at PanSift, and grows community at iNOG. He hails from a mix of engineering and security roles in telco/mobile, enterprise, vendors, and start-ups. He’s previously held multiple industry certifications (including a very early CISSP) and comes from a computer science background.

He believes that, by embracing the right forms and interfaces to AI and ML (especially in operational workflows), a revolution is occurring where the promised benefits from richer data is finally being realized, enabling not just better communication, but rapid action, and faster progress.

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