7 key considerations before your upcoming F5 or Citrix load balancer refresh

Tired of inflexible and costly load balancer refreshes? What should you look out for in the load balancing solution for your hybrid, agile and demanding network environment?

Modern data centers run a combination of cloud-native applications and microservices architectures alongside traditional applications. Networking teams are under pressure to deliver services and resolve application issues quickly while lowering costs for application services. Your IT operations demand agile, cost-effective load balancing solutions.

Traditional application delivery controllers (ADCs) and virtual appliances barely address the needs of modern applications and cloud-native use cases. Instead, they force you down the path of expensive and inflexible hardware refreshes without addressing the fundamental challenges of elasticity, automation, multi-cloud use, and cost.

Until now, enterprises had little choice but to depreciate their previous ADC appliances over just a few years and purchase more appliances when the time comes to refresh their load balancer.

This document details these challenges, and also outlines 7 key considerations that you should evaluate before you refresh your current load balancers.

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