Case Study:

Profectus offers game-changing client services powered by Snowflake

Data analytics firm empowers clients by managing and making sense of extreme volumes of data from multiple sources.


Australia-based Profectus Group uses robotics and data analytics to automate the compliance of payments, create transactional certainty, and help businesses around the world make more informed decisions.

As business grew, the volume of data it managed and analyzed increased dramatically, with individual clients managing terabytes of data that was constantly augmented by incoming streams from multiple sources.

Profectus had deployed a mix of different databases including commercial platforms and open-source alternatives. As a result, data was spread across multiple locations, which made it difficult to extract value.

The company realized it needed all its data sources in a single location to enable clients to receive deeper insights, and it began to look for a new platform. The Snowflake Cloud Data Platform proved to be what it needed.

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