DOVER, Del., Aug. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The landscape of innovation is set to witness a groundbreaking moment as Kangsters Inc., a pioneering able-tech startup hailing from South Korea, has been handpicked to participate in the 2023 Praxis redemptive acceleration program. This achievement positions Kangsters as the first-ever Korean startup to secure investment from the esteemed Praxis Fund, propelling its smart wheelchair treadmill called Wheely-X on a global scale.

Praxis Labs is renowned for its forward-thinking entrepreneurs, visionary investors, and industry leaders committed to fostering cross-border collaborations; and propelling revolutionary ventures that address global challenges.

Kangsters, a member company of Born2Global Centre, has emerged as a trailblazer in the able-tech industry, driven by a passionate team committed to reshaping the way we perceive and interact with technology, particularly in the field of able-tech. Its groundbreaking innovation, Wheely-X, is an advanced smart wheelchair treadmill that empowers individuals with mobility impairments to enhance their physical fitness and overall well-being.

The selection of Kangsters for the 2023 Praxis Labs offers a golden opportunity for the startup to network with influential entrepreneurs and investors from around the world. This prominent platform will enable Kangsters to showcase the Wheely-X and foster potential partnerships that could accelerate their global expansion.

Tyrion K. Kim, the founder and CEO of Kangsters said “this recognition is a testament to our team’s unwavering dedication to developing transformative solutions that positively impact the lives of millions of people worldwide. We firmly believe that this opportunity will not only enable us to scale our business but also foster greater inclusivity in society.”

As Kangsters embarks on this remarkable journey, the company carries the aspirations of not only its dedicated team and supporters but also the hopes of the entire able-tech industry. This milestone achievement is set to inspire other Korean startups to pursue their innovative ideas and impact the world on a global scale, further solidifying Korea’s position as a hub for groundbreaking technology and entrepreneurship.