BEIJING, Oct. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Alwin Capital recently closed a new dual-currency fund, raising over US$300 million, which exceeds their fundraising target.

The RMB investors of this new dual-currency fund include large FoFs, Chinese government guidance funds, leading companies in medical industry, insurance companies, banks, and other financial institutions in China. Based on the high recognition of Alwin Capital, the reinvestment rate of its RMB investors exceeds 50%. The USD investors of the fund include well-recognized market oriented FoFs, large asset management companies, industrial investors, and family offices across the world.

‘With the close of the new dual-currency fund, Alwin capital will continue to invest in the frontiers of life science and interdisciplinary science, we will steadily build an eco-system for our portfolio companies and continuously create excellent returns for our investors.’ said Alwin team.

About Alwin Capital

Alwin Capital is a professional venture capital in China specializing in life science investments. It was founded in 2015 by the veterans in capital market with decades of experience in China healthcare industry. In the past few years, driven by theme-focused research in life science, Alwin capital has carried out a systematic investment in the cutting-edge life science companies in China, and helped many portfolio companies grow into vital and leading players in China’s life science sectors, such as gene editing, nucleic acid drugs, cell therapy, and molecular diagnosis. At the same time, with its keen investment judgment, Alwin Capital has invested in many star companies in the interdisciplinary area of innovative technology and life science sectors.

Alwin Capital’s eco-system of portfolio companies in China’s life science has begun to take shape. They have formed a competitive advantage across whole medical industry in China, from deal sourcing, portfolio construction to post-investment empowerment. And Alwin Capital is increasingly becoming a professional and focused investment force in the field of life sciences in China.

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