A wide range of new and not-so-new online tools, platforms and stand-alone software are available for improving office and personal productivity.

Did you know, ChatGPT is not the only generative AI-powered tool?

According to Check Point Software, numerous enterprises are shifting their focus from conversational chatbots to the integration of various AI-based tools into work operations.

Although some of these tools (suggested by the firm’s analysts) are still in their infancy, they are expected to offer to improve efficiency, decision-making capabilities, cost savings and competitive advantages.

    1. Sembly

      is an online meeting management tool that not only transforms meeting discussions into searchable text, but also explores meeting data in order to sum up actionable insights for you. Think key-takeaways and next-step lists made-easy. The tool can recognize your voice, pick up on your vocabulary and can even understand voice commands. No need to download the tool or to do digital gymnastics to make it work … just invite Sembly to join a meeting using email or a meeting link. Alternatively, sync the app with your calendar.

    2. Fireflies

      is a free AI assistant that can be used to record and transcribe voice conversations across Zoom, Teams or any other web conferencing platform. The tool allows you to add comments or highlight specific transcribed sections of the meeting, allowing you to easily communicate to collaborate with colleagues. You can upload audio files to the tool’s dashboard and get them transcribed instantly. A Chrome extension of the app is also available to help capture meetings from within the browser.

    3. Fathom

      helps remote-working teams extract more insight and meaning from meetings, and may be especially helpful for those meetings that are not hosted in participants’ native languages. The tool allows users to “highlight” specific segments of recorded meetings. It also supports integration with commercial sales and CRM software. Summaries of calls are available and can be migrated to other platforms such as Gmail or Google Docs.

    4. Lumen5

      is an AI-powered tool that auto-creates videos in order to accompany text. If you have an article or a report that you have written, you can place the text into the program and the tool will provide a corresponding video. It can help marketers, publishers and brands create content in an instant without requiring any technical expertise.

    5. Caffe

      is an open-source machine learning framework that can be used to define, design and deploy software products. It is routinely used by researchers, startups and corporations for the purpose of launching new digital projects. The tool can be integrated with Python to fine-tune code models, test projects and auto-resolve vulnerabilities.

    6. Theano

      is an AI-powered library that developers can leverage to create, optimize and successfully launch code projects, just as with Caffe. Due to its in-built machine learning capabilities, the tool can identify and solve bugs or system malfunctions with minimal external support, according to the product’s website.

    7. Legal robot

      is designed to automatically translate complex and confusing “legalese” into language that anyone can easily comprehend. Legal robot is useful for laypeople and for legal professionals to ensure that contracts and documents actually say what has been agreed upon and/or what is intended.

    8. Tellius

      is an AI-powered business intelligence platform to help firms improve their understanding of their strategies, successes and growth potential. The platform offers an intelligent search function that can organize data and make it easy for employees to understand. In turn, employees can obtain clearer insights into the factors driving business outcomes. Users can ask the platform questions, soft through volumes of data, and gain actionable insights.

    9. Gong.io

      is an AI-driven sales platform which businesses can use to analyze customer interactions, forecast deals, and visualize sales pipelines. It can help leaders and rank-and-file employees gain insights into what is happening within a highly complex and matrixed business ecosystem.

    10. HitPaw

      is a photo enhancer tool to help fix blurry photos. It can also enlarge images without any quality loss. Further, it can be used to colorize black-and-white photos.

    11. Feathery

      is a tool can help businesses create customized forms for onboarding, sign-ups and intake purposes. Harnessing the power of advanced rules and actions, open-source software development kits and granular CSS customization options, the tool builds forms that can be fully branded and self-hosted. A standout feature is its flexible drag-and-drop 2D visual editor that lets users create custom layout and content.

    12. Databricks

      is a unified analytics platform that enables users to build machine learning models easily. No deep expertise in data science required. Its AI algorithms can analyze data and provide predictive analytics capabilities. Users can then hone in on patterns and trends to make more-informed business decisions.

    13. Oorwin

      is a suite of tools for managing job postings, applicant tracking, candidate engagement, onboarding and performance management. It can be used to analyze job descriptions and reviews candidate profiles to find suitable matches. It can also be used to analyze employee performance data and provide insights pertaining to performance management.