Even in a lockdown, people from around the world can view and buy property through virtual walkthroughs and online platforms.

Social distancing measures are reshaping consumer behaviour and also their expectations about property buying and selling. Amid the new normal, people are still interested in purchasing property but from the safety of their own homes.

From the point of view of property developers, technology such as virtual and augmented reality are ideal solutions to permit them to maintain business continuity. In fact, with the right solution, developers can even start marketing a project before a single brick is laid.

This is exactly what one developer in Singapore leveraged to allow business to continue amidst the pandemic lockdown. PropertyGuru’s virtual walkthrough platform offers a 360-degree interactive tour of any development, including street views and amenities around the development being toured. Viewers can get a good idea of the property, even years before it has been built.

For the developer, this StoryTeller 3D feature was deployed in just five days using the FastKey platform. With it, developers and agents can continue to tap new sales opportunities while complying with social distancing laws.

Furthermore, project information and administrative tasks such as unit booking, paperwork generation and deposit collection are updated in real-time, allowing for cross-border transactions and multi-city launches where sales can be made simultaneously.

Besides opening up a world of cross-selling opportunities to developers and agents, this first-of-its-kind visibility empowers all in the property ecosystem to make informed decisions based on real-time data on available projects, inventory, or even sales leads and processes.

Speaking about the new technology advancement, Jason Gregory, Managing Director of FastKey, PropertyGuru Group said: “We’re excited to introduce StoryTeller integration into FastKey today, as virtual becomes the new normal. This will enhance the consumer experience by enabling immersive digital experiences and bring greater transparency and flexibility for all in the property ecosystem. We believe that these technological advancements will help position stakeholders at forefront of the fast-evolving landscape and expectations—opening up a new world of possibilities for all.”

PropertyGuru is a data and technology driven business that continues to invest heavily in market leading features and functionality. According to their recent earnings report, they have invested more than 170,000 development hours over the past three years, via their R&D teams.

Their mobile platform was a market-first and has driven user engagement. Today, their apps enjoy over 5.7 million downloads, with 74% of customers now accessing their service platform from a mobile device.