Consolidating multiple data warehouses into a single dashboard and virtualizing the network will boost operations and agility.

A Malaysian asset management firm has banked on digital strategy to achieve reliable data migration and virtualization internally, in order to enhance the customer experience.

Affin Hwang AM is an independently managed, bank-backed asset management firm that started in 2001. It has announced that TIBCO Data Virtualization will be commissioned to enable real-time access to their data while minimizing complexity and cost.

Said Allen Woo, CIO of Affin Hwang AM: “Data plays such a crucial part in our company. With the rollout of TIBCO Data Virtualization, we are confident we are able to have more reliable data at our fingertips for a faster and more accurate decision-making process.”

Woo added that Affin Hwang AM is committed to seeking innovative measures to meet the needs of their clients and to improve their investing experience. “We chose TIBCO as our technology partner based on their proven track record and expertise,” he emphasized.

TIBCO Data Virtualization is a digital solution that aims to improve stability and performance for downstream systems, as well as achieve flexibility and faster time to market. The solution is touted to save the time and effort of physically moving data into a single source. In addition, large data volumes from across multiple data warehouses can be combined into a single view and quickly analyzed or turned into a report.

“Digitization has challenged businesses to explore the advantages of real-time data for making faster, smarter decisions. With the help of TIBCO Data Virtualization, enterprises like Affin Hwang AM are able to create 360-degree views of business operations, minimize costs, and reduce operational intricacies. This visibility improves efficiency and provides an exceptional approach to an enhanced customer experience,” said Erich Gerber, Senior Vice President, APJ and EMEA, TIBCO.