Three other key findings were also gleaned from the respondents’ feedback for achieve effective AI:

    3. Most popular perceived benefits of modern data architecture: When it came to the benefits of modern data architectures, the most popular responses were:
    • simplifying data/analytics processes (40% vs 43% in APAC)
    • gaining flexibility in handling all types of data (38% vs 42% in APAC)
    4. Hurdles to AI model development: When it came to factors that were holding back end-to-end data management needed for AI model development:
    • 62% of respondents indicated it was the volume and complexity of data (vs 59% for APAC)
    • 56% indicated data security (vs 59% for APAC)
    • 52% indicated governance and compliance (vs 55% for APAC)
    5. Choice of versatile and secure data platforms: 93% of respondents agreed to prompts that “multi-cloud/hybrid capabilities for data and analytics are key for an organization to adapt to change” (93% for APAC).