Through the use of bots, AI and CX enhancement algorithms, the fashion platform is exceeding the expectations of its digitally-savvy clientele.

An e-commerce brand that sells fashion in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, and India, has a young customer base that heavily uses WhatsApp.

To manage high customer demand and maintain exceptional customer experience (CX) at scale, Styli, required a more modern customer support suite. The firm wanted to improve its average resolution time, foster brand loyalty, and boost its internal order management system with automation for better data insights.

According to Rana Abdel-razik, Customer Experience Manager, Styli (part of the Landmark Group): “We believe that quality customer experience is the soul of a business with loyal customers. We had many manual flows that have now been easily automated. For example, tickets are now being automatically routed to agents based on the language classification — Arabic or English.”

A fresh approach to automation

The firm’s parent company, The Landmark Group, had been a long-term customer of the Freshworks Inc. suite of customer experience products. Therefore, Styli’s digital transformation was achieved with products from this vendor.

    • One solution was integrated into Styli’s internal order management system, providing a unified view of customer purchases and support history to agents. Advanced automation features help the team get their work done faster and more efficiently. Additional automation rules include the auto-assignment of agents based on departments, and customized rules to auto-close spam tickets.
    • For the firm’s customer support operations, bots are used to achieve AI-powered automation, real-time customer issue resolution, and contextual hand-over — improving the teams’ average resolution time and building stronger brand loyalty through exceptional customer experiences.
    • Additionally, a unified dashboard enables team supervisors to gain clarity on performance and find ways to boost productivity. As a result, they can better direct agents to act quickly — seeing a 42% improvement in average resolution time. The team has also experienced a significant productivity boost, with bots deflecting nearly 45% of WhatsApp queries.

Said Sandie Overtveld, SVP, Freshworks (APAC and MEA): “It’s exciting to see how much value our products bring to the brand and its customers — so much that they continue to expand the use of products to other entities.”