It is just the smart sensors and predictive health algorithms communicating with you from within the next-gen 5G wearables technology.

Last week at the Mobile World Congress hybrid event in Barcelona, a revolutionary new wearable technology was unveiled.

Textile materials have been used to create tee-shirts that feature embedded “imperceptible polymeric sensors” designed for health monitoring. Called YouCare, the patented wearable material does not contain metals, is washable, and incorporates 5G connectivity for a wide range of use cases.

The made-in-Italy fabric can be fitted with sensors to detect a large number of vital signs (electrocardiogram, respiratory analysis, perspiration components, muscle effort and body temperature, etc.) in the wearer, some of which have never been available in textile wearable materials before. The technology also has algorithms that predict cardiovascular disorders.

Such a broad range of biological sensor capabilities is helpful for the monitoring of health, stress, and active living behaviors, and is expected to improve the safety of vulnerable elderly and active people. The data can then be continuously transmitted for processing by third parties such as health centers and medical institutions, as well as to individual users’ smart devices.

One firm that was involved in the development of YouCare, ZTE, announced that it would initiate the YouCare 5G test in the Innovation and Research Center located in L’Aquila.  

According to Umberto Sgambati, the CEO of Proger Group S.P.A that, through the start-up Let’s Web-earable Solutions, has created the ‘Smart T-shirt’ sensor: “We have believed in and invested in what seemed to us a totally revolutionary idea that today is a concrete reality. Certified as a Medical Device, it has been enriched by the predictive algorithms of cardiovascular disorders of BSP-Medical.”

Noted the chairman of the Italian Red Cross/IFRC: “We have been working on the project since 2018 and launched in the most difficult moment of the COVID-19 emergency to disseminate new technologies to serve society.”