Invigilators can use real-time video monitoring and a variety of video call functions to provide exam administrative support if needed.

With an increasing need to allow people to take academic examinations remotely, one firm that specializes in training programs for data scientists has turned to cloud-based video communications technology for further digital transformation.

The firm, DataMix, already has an online test-taking system. By using an application programming interface provided by a third party, they have been able to quickly and easily embed video tools in the system to enhanced identity verification and test proctoring functions.

According to the Japan-based firm’s technical advisor and software engineer Kazuaki Tanida: “The video API needs to withstand large-scale use by tens or hundreds of thousands of users. The development went smoothly thanks in large part to the simple, readily available documentation from Vonage.”

By being able to incorporate video features into their test administration system, DataMix allows examiners to connect with and confirm the identity of examinees and supervise examinations remotely, which has been difficult to do with traditional online examination tools.  

The enhanced system can be used for even large-scale examinations involving tens of thousands of candidates and dozens or hundreds of examiners. Test supervisors can supervise multiple examinees while sharing both video and PC screens, and they can also provide detailed support to examinees using video calls and chat functions. 

Said Savinay Berry, EVP Product and Engineering, Vonage: “Throughout the pandemic, there has been increasing demand for scalable, reliable video tools that allow educators and leaders in the education technology field to support remote and virtual learning experiences that rival in-person interaction. We are proud to enable businesses like DataMix to build innovative, interactive, and intuitive educational engagement systems in Japan and across the globe.”