Watch out for bad shopping experience, provide cross-channel flexibility… and more.

The Adyen Retail Report 2022 interviewed more than 10,000 businesses from 23 markets, including over 2,500 from APAC, to learn about their concerns, aspirations, strategies, and investments for 2022 and beyond.

It also surveyed 40,000 consumers from 26 markets, including over 9,000 from APAC, to understand how they feel about the state of retail.

According to data from the report, APAC consumers are highly discerning, with 61% expecting from retailers the same cross-channel flexibility they grew accustomed to during the pandemic. Concurrently, their standards have increased and 73% will not revisit a retailer after a bad shopping experience, emphasizing the need for businesses to continue maintaining high standards.

Other key findings for APAC can be found in this infographic.

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