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Honda enhances productivity with NVIDIA Quadro vDWS

Organizations with remote workforces need great user experience as well as greater scalability, data security, and simplified manageability.

Honda enhances productivity with NVIDIA Quadro vDWS

Honda Motor Co Ltd. is a global transportation equipment manufacturer. The company is the world’s 7th largest auto manufacturer as well as the world’s top motorcycle manufacturer, with sales reaching about 7.4 billion yen.

Honda R&D has 26 research and development centers around the world. The Automobile R&D Center is on the cutting edge of automotive innovation, delivering vehicles and motorcycles that take consumers to whole new places.

To create the most innovative designs and turn research into product, the Automobile R&D Center takes advantage of 3D CAD/CAE applications like Dassault Systèmes CATIA. It is critical that all users, engineers and designers have a high-performance workstation that can handle the demands of applications like CATIA.

These high-performance engineering workstation (EWS) environments are at the core of their R&D, and in 2015 the center launched a “new-generation EWS project”, enabling users to leverage the same environment from anywhere and on any device without a change in quality or performance.

Honda turned to virtualization to deliver VDI environments to their R&D centers in Japan and immediately saw an increase in performance and productivity. However, as a result of pass-through, graphics-critical business applications performed poorly and user experience was not comparable to physical workstations. A measurement system implemented at the start of the project showed that while some users had more than enough processing performance, other power users of CAD/CAE had a sub-par experience.

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