The modern workplace – an extension of the hybrid cloud

What work is and where it is done is changing.

The modern workplace – an extension of the hybrid cloud

In the past, end-users reported to a workplace and performed a job using assets assigned to them by the company, following established procedures.

 Today, according to IDC, almost half of all organizations allow employees flexibility to do what they need to do, and where they do it.

Enterprises have shifted to rapid procurement and provisioning for IT resources to meet this changing work landscape. ‘Everything-as-a-service’ means a hybrid multi-cloud environment for most of these organizations, and that’s what the modern workplace has become.

Whether a design and approach to the modern workplace infrastructure works depends very much on the user experience. So how can organizations ensure what they have to offer in the extended cloud workplace actually works for their end-users?

Check out this IDC InfoBrief for some answers and strategies.

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