Solving edge computing infrastructure challenges

While edge computing solves some very business-critical issues in the digital economy, deploying and IT at the edge has its challenges too.

Solving edge computing infrastructure challenges

In an age when business processes and functions are being digitalized, technologies like IoT, machine learning, AI, robotics, virtual/augmented reality, and data/video analytics are increasingly being deployed for businesses to stay relevant.

But with these technologies come network latency, larger bandwidths, autonomy at the end-points, and regulatory/security requirements that a centralized data center architecture cannot support. That’s why edge computing – or distributed IT – installations have become increasingly business-critical.

Deploying and operating IT at the edge of the network, however, come with unique challenges. Solving them requires a departure from the traditional means of selecting, configuring, assembling, operating, and maintaining these systems.

This paper describes a new, emerging model that involves an integrated ecosystem of cooperative partners, vendors, and end users.  Find out how this ecosystem – and the integrated micro data center solution it produces – helps mitigate the unique challenges of edge applications.


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