Is your graphics workspace designed for mobility and collaboration?

Workspace for graphics, designed to perform ‘anytime, anywhere’

Is your graphics workspace designed for mobility and collaboration?

If you’re in the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Education, Healthcare or Financial industry, you know your organization requires professional-grade workstations to run a variety of compute-intensive applications.

Organizations like yours often rely on 3D software applications and extremely large data sets. However, the nature of work in these key sectors also demands collaboration and mobility; when hardware needs to run resource-intensive applications for processing large data models, it makes mobility complex and difficult.

Complicating matters further is version control; coordinating across locations and servers to make sure everyone has the latest version of design is a slow and arduous process that increases confusion and error. Many IT teams struggle to enable remote work securely, while ensuring backup and disaster recovery capabilities.

Check out the use cases for these industries, which address some key industry challenges including:

  • How to secure your intellectual property
  • How to collaborate anywhere on any device
  • How to increase productivity with real-time performance
  • How to ensure better version control for greater consistency

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