Case Study: Local governments embrace next-gen IT infrastructure

Here’s how 4 governing entities transform with hyperconvergence.

Local governments embrace next-gen IT infrastructure

Cities and municipalities are facing unprecedented demands to flawlessly deliver citizen services – securely and on-demand – even as they are challenged with restricted or shrinking funds.

Compounding this challenge, governing entities now clearly recognize the need to conduct ongoing operations while replacing aging IT infrastructure, ideally knocking out the obsolete and costly three-tier model.

Add in the imperative to provide adequate security to protect against increasingly common cyber-attacks, and implement disaster recovery plans, and you see a clear case being made for adoption of hyperconverged IT infrastructure has emerged as the clear choice for any prudent, forward-looking public sector planners.

Four visionary governing entities are profiled here in this e-book, demonstrating the transformative power of a hyperconverged infrastructure.

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