SINGAPORE, April 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Brainsight, a premier expert solution provider, today shared compelling insights from its latest survey, aimed at gauging the primary areas where businesses across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam seek external assistance to foster growth in the year ahead.

Participation from 193 companies across varied sectors underscored a significant trend: a growing reliance on expert guidance in strategic planning, market research, operational efficiency, and compliance and risk management against the backdrop of global economic fluctuations.

Key Survey Findings Highlight Demand for Expertise:

  • A notable 41.9% of businesses signalled the need for strategic planning support, indicating a broad push towards sustainable, future-ready strategies.
  • Approximately 20.8% are searching for comprehensive market research and analysis to tackle market shifts adeptly.
  • 19.7% emphasise the importance of enhancing operational efficiency in response to economic challenges.
  • 17.6% identified the requirement for proficient compliance and risk management to navigate the complex regulatory landscape of the APAC region.

These insights reinforce the necessity for external expertise and spotlight Brainsight’s vital role in facilitating connections with industry-leading specialists.

Brainsight: Setting the Benchmark for Expert Network Services in APAC

Launched in 2022 by the Reeracoen Group, Brainsight is Asia’s foremost Expert Network Service (ENS), dedicated to bridging the gap between businesses and an expansive network of over 1 million experts across the region. With over a decade of experience and partnerships with over 12,000 companies, Brainsight leverages its unmatched network to empower businesses with pivotal insights for success.

Unveiling Brainsight’s Distinctive Advantages

Brainsight’s unparalleled network, spanning 12 offices in 8 APAC countries, offers businesses direct access to the latest insights and a pathway to optimising solutions through the company’s extensive expertise. This unique positioning allows for rapid, accurate collection of critical knowledge from every key Asian market, distinguishing Brainsight as Asia’s first and leading Expert Network Service provider. Brainsight’s team of seasoned recruiters have demonstrated an exceptional ability to source and deliver expertise in niche markets swiftly and securely, emphasising the company’s commitment to speed without sacrificing service quality.

Cultivating a Competitive Edge Through Diverse Services

Brainsight’s tailored services cater to a diverse clientele, including investors, investment firms, and consulting agencies, offering them a competitive edge through access to in-depth market trends, investment opportunities, and regulatory insights across various industries.

Mr Masakazu Ishibashi, Business Development Manager at Brainsight, said, “The survey results highlight the critical role that expert networks play in driving business growth and mitigating risks. By leveraging Brainsight’s extensive network of experts, businesses can access invaluable insights and maintain a strategic advantage ahead of the competition.”

Mr Masakazu Ishibashi, Business Development Manager
Mr Masakazu Ishibashi, Business Development Manager

Fostering Innovation and Strategic Foresight

The survey’s outcomes reflect a dynamic business environment where access to expert knowledge is indispensable for resilience and growth. Reeracoen’s initiative through Brainsight is not just about providing a service but cultivating an ecosystem where companies, experts, and industries can benefit from shared knowledge and innovative solutions.

Mr Kosuke Soejima, Regional General Manager of Reeracoen, stated, “Our vision extends beyond mere connections; we aim to spearhead a culture of innovation and strategic foresight that propels our clients to industry leadership.”

Mr Kosuke Soejima, Regional General Manager at Reeracoen
Mr Kosuke Soejima, Regional General Manager at Reeracoen

As the business world evolves amidst uncertainties, the burgeoning demand for expert network services is set to redefine business strategy in APAC, affirming Brainsight’s pioneering role in this transformative journey.

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About Brainsight by Reeracoen

Established in 2022 as a subsidiary of the Reeracoen Group, Brainsight is a premier expert solution provider in the Asia-Pacific region, including Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Taiwan region. Dedicated to fostering connections and delivering invaluable industry insights, we connect companies with top-tier experts, facilitating informed decision-making and driving unparalleled growth.